4 Tips for living with Kitchens with no storage

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It's hard to believe that we've been in our house for over two years. It kind of feels like we just moved in, but memories of living elsewhere also feel so distant at this point. 

Both the house, and the apartment that we had lived in before we bought ours had one thing in common – big kitchens with tons of storage! It was a luxury that's easy to take advantage. Then we moved into our house which originally had the teeny tiniest kitchen. It was oddly set up, but thankfully we were able to knock out a few walls that completely opened it up! It was great, but since we have so many projects we're working on with the house, the actual remodeling of the kitchen has been on the back burner. So when it comes to storage our kitchen has a total of one cabinet. It's the lovely built-in that's original to the kitchen, but the top half has glass doors, which means that our storage space for all of those not so pretty things that we all have in our kitchen, is basically nothing. Over the last few years I've learned some tricks to making a kitchen with no storage (or counter space!) work, that have really helped me from going crazy over the lack of hiding places.


Seriously, I love a cute little cart with wheels. Not only can you stick them in any little corner you might have, but I've really loved that I can roll them out of the way whenever we do any construction work in the kitchen and I don't have to worry about totally unloading everything to move it! 

I have both a large utility cart, and this one I thrifted a while back both in my kitchen housing appliances, dry foods, and cleaning products. I also am totally smitten with the cart in the picture above that I bought from Demi-Brooke, that I've turned into my coffee cart! Each cart has a specific purpose and I try to keep them super organized to keep things from getting messy. 

My favorite places to find carts are thrift stores (see this post for the before and after of mine) and garage sales. I also love places like Ikea and Target to find them cute, and at good prices (this one is a total steal, and this one is totally stealing my heart).



If your tight on hidden storage space make whatever you need to store out on your counters (or carts) cute! I am obsessed with pretty glass storage containers. I keep almost all of my dry food goods in them. These are super easy to find at almost any thrift store for cheap, but if you're looking for matching ones, places like The Container Store and Home Goods are great places to find them too. 


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This may seem like I'm stating the obvious, but I can't stress how important it is for everything to have it's "own space" especially in tiny kitchens. When every square inch of storage is packed, you don't want to have to pull everything apart just to try to find your favorite spatula. Part of keeping things organized for me, has been going through my kitchen once every couple months and seeing what I really need handy. Do I need that specialty baking pan ready to grab, when I've only used it once in the last five years? Probably not. I always walk away with a new bag to donate, as well as a little box to put into long term storage in my basement. 


When things are tight, expand! I was so happy once I brought my coffee cart into my dining room. Not only does it free up a lot of space in the kitchen for more important things, but it looks so cute! Even if we didn't have a dining room, I think a coffee cart would be cute in a living room or office. Think outside the box and take a look around to see if there's anything that's taking up space in that little kitchen of yours that could find a home in another part of your house. Use your imagination, and don't be afraid to experiment and see what works! 

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What I Packed // Disney Bound

May 14, 2015 § 2 Comments

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Can I just be totally honest with you here, and share something totally nerdy about myself? I love to pack.

I really do. I guess it's the organizer and planner in me, but I love figuring out all the outfits and things I want to bring with me. I usually start thinking about it as soon as I find out I'm going on a trip, even if it's still a while away. It gives me anxiety when friends tell me that they wait until the morning of a trip to pack. I know, I'm a crazy overthinker, but I love knowing that I won't get there and be horrified that I forgot to pack my favorite tee (or the ever-important shortalls, hah!).

What I'm packing…

Shorts + Shortalls // They're a must. It's supposed to be in the 90s while we're down there, so shorts are a must. Blue denim is classic, but I also am loving white denim too for days I want to feel a little more pulled together. I'm also exctied to bring my shortalls with me to mix things up.

Dresses // Since we don't have any kids going with us on this trip I'm excited to get to possibly do some fun adult things. You know, go back to the parks at night and get a drink, hit up downtown Disney. All that fun stuff you don't usually get to do. I'm packing a few cute, comfy, dresses to throw on at nights to feel a little more dressed up.

Tanks // Just a couple of my favorite tanks in mostly neutral colors so I can easily mix and match with everything else, and dress up with some light accessories. I have become obsessed with this tank, and have it in a couple colors, all of which I'll be bringing along:)

A pair of Jeans // Even though the weather looks like it'll be pretty hot all week, I always throw in a pair of jeans, just in case. I am loving white jeans right now, they're so versatile, whether you want to go more casual, or dress them up, so they were an obvious choice to bring.

A Good Hat + Sandals // I am a total hat addict, but they do take up a lot of space in luggage, so I decided to just bring one that I know I can mix and match with everything, and I plan on wearing it right onto the plane to save some luggage space! I hate wearing actual shoes when it's hot outside, so I made sure to pick up a comfy and cute pair of sandals from Target last week.

Any tips for things you've wished you had on vacay, or maybe something you realized when you got there that you were so happy to have remembered?

Tips for Developing Your Style // Be Honest + Shop Smarter

January 23, 2014 § 4 Comments


In case you missed, this is my second little installment of tips for developing your personal style (you can check out the first one over here). These are just some little things I've learned over the years that have really helped me to discover my personal style.


One of the hardest things for me to learn about my style was how to be honest with myself about what I would really wear. We all have moments when we see a celebrity or even just a friend wearing something and looking amazing in it, we run out and buy the same thing right away, and then we get home and it never seems to get worn. The past few years I've learned the value in admiring something on someone else, but also admitting to myself that it just isn't my personal style. A lot of the time that comes with some trial and error, but I bet you can think back to peices you've owned with similar backstories and realize what it was about them that didn't fit with your personal style. 


Sources : right // left

Here's two outfits I love, but both have one major thing that would clash against my style – the colors! I love them, but I rarely wear pastels or super brights. In the past I've bought things in colors like this before telling myself I try to make myself wear them, but they ended up just sitting in my closet instead. I tend more towards rich colors like bright reds, deep navys, mustards, and hunter greens. Could I recreate these outfits in some of those colors? Absolutely! It's great to take inspiration from others, but make them wearable for you. 


Whenever I'm thinking of buying any new piece I always ask myself "can I wear this with at least two outfits I already own?" if the answer is no then I just walk away. If you have to think long and hard about what you'd wear a new piece with, chances are you'll never wear it. 

Fine and Feathered

This skirt is a great example of something I probably shouldn't have bought. It was my first time visiting a Madewell store, and it was on sale, so I just grabbed it without thinking much. When I did these outfit photos I had already owned the skirt for probably two years and this was only the second time I wore it – pretty sad. I do love how I styled it here, but it just wasn't something that fit naturally with my style, so I eventually gave it a new home. Had I stopped myself in the store to think about what I'd wear it with, I'm certain I would have put it back. 

What about "branching out" though? I do think it's important to try new things when it comes to your style, but I don't think it's worth investing in if you're unsure you'll get some use out of it. That's why I LOVE swapping and borrowing! Thankfully I grew up with two older sisters and a mother who are all a similar size to me. Still to this day we're always borrowing things from each other, or trying to swap clothes for something the other has. 


left // right

The dress on the left was one I borrowed from my mom, and I ended up loving it! I had never really thought of white lace as being so easy to style, but it was, so when I came across the dress on the right in Target one day, I knew that it would be something I'd get my wear out of. Other great ways to swap would be to host a swap party with your friends, or if you're a blogger you could do a small swap with a blogger friend like I recently did with Mollie! It's a great way to try out some new styles without breaking the bank.

Have questions about personal style? Feel free to let me know and I'll do my best to help you out:)

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Tips for Developing Your Style // Closets + Pinterest

January 7, 2014 § 8 Comments

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Developing a personal style is one of those things that can take years and years to really figure out. As a teenager I usually found myself just trying to emulate certain celebrities and would look for things in stores that I thought whoever I was copying at that moment might wear. After a while though, I'd realize it wasn't totally "me" and would just move on to another person to copy, usually dumping most of my wardrobe for the change. Then a few years ago I started asking myself "what do I want to wear?" and guess what? I had no idea! It took me a while to really figure out what I really loved, and what made me feel great, but I feel like over the last year I've been very "settled" into my style. I know what I love and I feel more confident in buying things, knowing I'll wear them over and over again. 

Maybe you're still struggling with finding your style. You buy stuff and later realize you'll never wear it. You go into stores and have no idea where to even start – that's okay! You just need to start developing your personal style. I'm not talking about preppy, punk, or business casual. Your personal style should be just that – personal. It doesn't need to be labled, or fit into some box, all it means is that you know what you love to wear, and feel great in. 

(I was going to try to condense all my tips into one blog post, but I realized there's just too much to talk about, so I'll be breaking it up into little "bite size" peices.)

Skonahem via Fine and Feathered

Image Via


It might sound like I'm giving you a chore, but really, cleaning out your closet is a great opportunity to learn about your personal style (even if you think you don't already have one!). That dress you bought a year ago and still haven't worn – it's probably time for it to go, but before it does, give it some good in-depth thinking of why it hasn't been worn, and why you bought it in the first place. Be totally honest with yourself. Knowing why you haven't worn something you already bought can help you avoid making the same mistake again. 

Also take some to look through what you kept. Think about what peices you wear over and over again. What is it you like about them? What colors, styles, or shapes of clothing do you gravitate towards, and which ones do you feel best when wearing? Even if you feel like you have no style you still have natural tendencies towards colors or types of clothes, and once you know what you love about what you already have you'll be able to more easily figure out what you should be looking for in stores.

Fine and Feathered
My fall/winter style pinboard


These days, Pinterest is an amazing tool for helping to develop your style. Maybe you already have a style board, but it doesn't have much on it, well don't be shy – start pinning! If you like it, pin it. I've been told by a lot of my family and friends that follow me on Pinterest that they can always tell what things I pinned. The truth is that it wasn't always like that. I recently scrolled through my style board to organize things a bit, and realized that my first bunch of pins aren't anything that I would pin now – but that's okay! By just pinning whatever I liked it help me to start seeing some of the similarities in some of them and that helped me to figure out what it is I like about some things and don't like about others. Don't overthink it – just do it! (PS. If you're worried about flooding other peoples feed, you can always create a Secret Board – I LOVE them!)


I'll be sharing more tips over the next few weeks – if you have any questions or would like to see me talk about anything specific feel free to let me know! :)

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Tips for taking your own outfit photos

August 30, 2013 § 8 Comments

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Lately I've been getting more questions about how I do my outfit photos and any tips that I have, so I thought I'd share what I've learned so far today! About 99% of my outfit photos were taken by me, with just my camera, tripod and remote. A few times I've had my brother or my mom snap photos for me, but I actually tend to prefer to do it myself. I'm a huge perfectionist, and even though I definitely don't always do them perfect, I'd still rather be able to blame myself for them not being quite right.

I certainly don't consider myself any sort of expert on the matter, I'm still learning a ton, but I have definitely picked up on a few important things over the years!

Fine and Feathered


I don't think you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a fancy camera to get really nice photos. On the same note, I think even if you do spend a ton of money on really good equiptment, but don't learn to use it properly, then you're wasting your money. With the internet these days you can probably find a dozen in-depth tutorials on whatever camera you have – it's awesome, and everyone should take advantage of it!  If you haven't already, I suggest spending some time reading up on your camera and getting aquinted with things like ISO, aperture, and shutter speed. Then spend a whole afternoon just playing with all the settings and taking a ton of photos.

I use a Nikon D5100 (prior to May'12 my camera was a Nikon D70s) and I almost exclusively use a Nikkor AF-S 50mm 1:1.4 Lens for all of my outfit photos.

Fine and Feathered


Whenever I'm in a rush and try to take photos I almost always regret it and usually end up just trashing the photos anyway. Especially if you're not doing it everyday it can be a little akward and takes more time to get relaxed infront of the camera. Take your time and take tons of photos. We live in the digital era where you don't need to worry about running out of film or spending money to develop all of it, you can shoot as many as you want and trash the ones that aren't great when you get home. So relax and don't forget to try different angles, and even change your location if it's just not working!

I usually spend 20 minutes doing my photos and take 50-75 photos for each outfit. It's often that I also have to change locations because the first one I picked just isn't working for some reason – I don't let it bother me, I just relax and find a new interesting spot!

Fine and Feathered


Everyone has their own preference for doing their outfit photos. There are remotes available for most cameras, and almost all also have a few different timer settings. Before you buy a remote you can try out how you like the timer setting and see how it feels to you, just know that you may have to use a prop to focus your camera before you set the timer so you're properly in focus. Finding what works for you is important, so spend some time figuring it out!

I love my camera remote. Most of my skirts and dresses have pockets in them so it's pretty easy for me to hide it once I set it.

Fine and Feathered Fine and Feathered


Most of us who take our own outfit photos feel a little shy about doing it right there in public for passersby to see. Not only is it awkward to constantly be asked why you're taking photos of yourself and whether you want them to just take a photo for you, but it's really hard to relax when you feel like people might be watching you. So keep your eyes out for quiet local spots you can take your photos without being oogled at. As for where to take them, it's great to find a space with a little going on, but won't be over-powering. Personally, I'm not usually a fan on having cars in the background, their reflectors and chrome-y bits tend to be distracting. Wherever you take them, just be conscious of what will be behind you. Also, try to change things up and not take photos in the exact same spot all the time.

I've gone through phases where I used the same spot constantly, but now I try to find new interesting spots to change things up at. I also cannot take photos with other people around. I'm very conscious and totally feel "the eyes" on me, which does not make for relaxed looking photos!

Fine and Feathered

Hope these little things help those of you who are maybe new to the self-portrait world, or who are still struggling. I know my personal struggle is still with lighting, I tend to err on the safe side and shoot in shadier places to avoid having to fight with the lighting too much, but I definitely plan to start working on that:)

PS. Click any of the images to see the original outfit post's they're from!

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