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Fine and Feathered, style, spring

Fine and Feathered, style, spring

Fine and Feathered, style, spring  Fine and Feathered, style, spring

Fine and Feathered, style, spring

Fine and Feathered, style, spring

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Five Things to Make This Spring

April 12, 2014 § 3 Comments

Digging through some of my old DIYs and projects I was getting inspired to get crafty this spring and thought I'd share in case any of you are looking to get your fingers dirty too:)



If you haven't already made a terrarium, I highly suggest it. This is one I made for mother's day two years ago. My mom not only still has it, but it's completely flourishing! I am already planning on making my own for our house in the very near future.



This is my favorite way to hang onto all those little things I collect on trips. Whether it's pamphlets, tickets, or even photos, you can bind them together to make a little memory keeper that's cute enough to leave out on the coffee table! If you're planning any trips for this summer it's a great way to keep everything together. 


I actually lost the lid for my Mason Jar To-Go Cup during our various moves last summer, so I will definitely be making myself a new one now that the weather is getting nicer and I'll be regularly drinking my weight in iced tea and lemonade!



I seriously can't wait to start planting! We'll be tearing up the backyard to get rid of the insanely overgrown ivy, which means I'll be sticking to pot-planting this year. It's okay though, because I still love this little chalkboard pot I made a couple years ago. I tend to be a little forgetful about what I planted where, so it's actually very useful too:)


Tee shirts are always a nessasity for spring a summer, and sometimes it's fun to add some fun details to them. I still love this fringe-y one I made a while back! 

What projects are you guys planning for this spring?

Favorite Warm Weather Styles

March 20, 2014 § 3 Comments

Happy first day of spring everyone! It's no real secret that the Spring and Summer are my favorite times of year, so I'm really excited that it's actually "officially" here (even though we did get 6 inches of snow earlier this week). I started some "spring cleaning" this week and it got me thinking about what I'm really excited to wear this summer, and things I'd like to buy and make, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about here!


Color Me Nana via Fine and Feathered  The Words via Fine and Feathered

Color Me Nana // The Words About Fashion

I've been a huge believer in the little white dress for a long time, and am especially fond of a light, lacey one for summer. I love how the girl on the right paired her dress with brown loafers, it gives it such a dressed down, casual vibe that I love! I adore all the details on this ModCloth dress, so sweet and lovely!


Tick Tock Vintage via Fine and Feathered  Flashes of Style via Fine and Feathered

Tick Tock Vintage via Chloe Loves Charlie // Flashes of Style

"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" I know! Hah. I'm generally not a huge floral person (I used to have one floral dress and got rid of it last year), but I've been seeing some floral prints I'm just in love with this year. I love this sweet one from ShopRuche. I can see throwing on a army jacket or something with it in the spring to give it a little boyish flare, or just throwing it on by itself for a day at the beach in the summer.


Keiko Lynn via Fine and Feathered  Flor de Maria via Fine and Feathered

Keiko Lynn // Flor de Maria

Last year it seemed everyone was wearing those comfy, plain jersey maxi dresses. Lately I've been in love with maxi dresses covered in really fun prints. I love how both the above girl's dresses are still really feminine, and just gorgeous. How incredible is this Anthropologie Dress? It's way out of my price range, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for some similar fabric this spring so I can make my own version!


Via Fine and Feathered  FP Me via Fine and Feathered

Free People Tumblr // Kelly FPMe

I'm not usually one to talk about "underthings", but I'm totally obsessed with the strappy bras they have right now at Free People! I love how they look super comfy, and are meant to be "shown off". It's always hard to hide bra straps during the summer anyway, so I think it may be a stroke of genius to make them super cute so that not only do you not have to worry about them peeking out, but you can show them off without it looking "scandelous" heh! (shown here – Strappy Back Bra + Strappy Front Bra)

What are you guys excited to wear in the warm weather? 

Spring Archives

February 19, 2014 § 5 Comments



Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered


Fine and Feathered





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Being in the middle of one of the snowiest seasons on record, it's starting to feel like spring is just a fantasy. I also seem to have caught a bit of a cold so I'm dreaming even more about some warm weather, and being able to just lay out in the sunshine again! I thought it'd be fun to go through some "outfits of springs past" to remind my self that spring will in fact come again, someday.

Anchors Away

May 27, 2013 § 7 Comments

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

                                Vintage Mens Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Skirt // Walmart Sandals

My favorite part about the warmer weather is just keeping things simple. I love layering come fall, and I love seeing other girls like Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky who are insanely good at pattern mixing, but I will always be a huge fan of the simple, uncomplicated outfits for myself the most part. Even though this shirt is a men's and technically is much too big for me I just can't loving it to absolute death. It's such a fun nautical type pattern and in such classic colors that it's completely stolen my heart.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!

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