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Simple Fall Style

Simple Fall Style

F21 Sweater / Vintage Gap Denim Jacket / Nine West Boots / Free People Socks / UO Necklace / Thrifted Bag

Isn't it funny how fall has a way of making you slow down and think about things. I find myself thinking more even about silly little things, like what to wear. Summer is all about throwing on cut offs and a tank and getting to work (or fun!), but come fall I take the time to consider what I'm wearing. Will I be warm enough? Will I be happy in what I'm wearing?

In a lot of ways it feels good to refocus my brain and think a lot of things over more in-depthly. Blogging has been this faint whisper in the back of my brain most of the summer. Maybe I'll come back to it, maybe not. Then it became more distinct. A conversation I had with myself, saying it may be time. 

Simple Fall Style

Simple Fall Style 

Bows + Spots

March 16, 2013 § 7 Comments


Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

                             H+M Shirt (thrifted) // Gap Skirt + Jacket // Target Leggings // Thrifted Shoes

Today I went out and did some serious grocery shopping. There was a few weeks there where I was doing great eating meals at home everyday. That's been kind of one of my "resolutions" for this year, to eat at home more and make most of it all from scratch. Then Frank got sick last week (do you feel the excuse coming?) and so he was making pizza less (did I mention he make the best pizza ever, because he does) and I had been lazy going to the grocery store and stuff so I ended up picking us up take out almost every night. But now I'm trying to get back on the wagon (or off? I guess it depends on whether it's the home-made food wagon or the take out wagon) and get back to cooking and feeling a little better about what I eat.

On totally unrelated news to both the last paragraph and an outfit post (although I suppose it's slightly related somehow?), I noticed my hair is already starting to fade. Not that surprising since my hair is stubborn and doesn't enjoy change. I already picked up some more "intense" bleach to try to save it from going back completely. Anyone else had that problem before?

Real Casual

December 13, 2012 § 5 Comments


Sometimes it seems big bloggers live in this fantasy world where they always dress perfect, have the perfect ideas, and they don't have anything to do besides stand around looking pretty. Even when they just have babies they still seem to always be wearing heels and dressed to the nines like it's a 1950s advertisement. Not that I'm trying to bash these ladies. Part of the reason I love blogging is that it pushes me out of my comfort zone and to try to be my best with a lot of things, but I just wonder how realistic it is sometimes, and if they ever have days when they just 'bum around', ya know?


These are from yesterday. I had a bunch of errands to run, it was cold, and I had to wear a heart monitor all day (just for testing) so I decided it was a nice day to just be casual and comfy and let my hair be it's crazy, messy self. I thrifted this jacket years ago, back when I was a teenager and spent all my time in between college classes at thrift stores. It's Ralph Lauren but I just loved how Boy Scout-y it is, and I couldn't help but add a few patches I thrifted too. I think it's become one of those goofy teenager buys that I don't know if I'll ever be able to part with.


Ralph Lauren Jacket (thrifted) // Thrifted shirt & Scarf // Gap Jeans // Nine West Boots


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I've realized that early fall is the most perfect time to put my vintage silk scarf collection to use. Today was still much too warm to pull out a normal scarf, but one of these bad boys is the perfect weight. Plus, I love all the fun designs (which, I suppose, is why I've been hoarding them for so long), especially this one. Who doesn't need a pheasant scarf?



Gap Jacket & Skirt // Thrifted Shirt
Wanted Boots // Vintage Silk Scarf & Belt (Thrifted)

I think these 'transition' seasons (fall and spring) really remind me of the things I do miss about living in the city, or even in a small town. In Philly last year me and Frank (and occasionaly the pup too) would walk to Franklin Square a couple times a week just to hang out in the park, not to mention all the daily walks around the city just to run errands. When I lived with my parents I would ride my bike through the pretty little tree lined neighborhoods almost every day. While I do love the quietness of where we are now there's no where really to walk to, nor is there a sidewalk. Having a neighborhood to wander through is definitely something I look forward to whenever we do move again.


Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!

Spring Fever

April 12, 2012 § 3 Comments

Gap Skirt, Ballet Flats & Denim Jacket // Pac Sun Shirt // Antique Locket // Thrifted Belt

Last month we had that amazing heat wave. A week or two of shorts and tank top weather, it had me spoiled. Then the last few weeks it got a bit chilly again, which has had me a little sad. But alas! All the trees are in bloom and the tempertures are starting to sneak back up little by little and it has me absolutely buzzing with excitement for the upcoming summer!


(the pupper decided he wanted to be in a picture too!)

I quite often completely forget I even have this jacket, which is such a shame for it. I snagged it for pretty cheap on final sale a few years ago and adore how it's both a "basic" denim jacket but has that super-rad motorcycle side zip thing going. Both a little farm girl and a little city girl at the same time. Just up my ally. It's definitely a peice I plan on trying to work into my weekly wardrobe more since I suspect it's a lot more versatile then I've been giving it credit for so far.


Do you have any spring/summer plans you're excited about?
I already have a whole list of things I can't wait for!

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