What I Packed // Disney Bound

May 14, 2015 § 2 Comments

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Can I just be totally honest with you here, and share something totally nerdy about myself? I love to pack.

I really do. I guess it's the organizer and planner in me, but I love figuring out all the outfits and things I want to bring with me. I usually start thinking about it as soon as I find out I'm going on a trip, even if it's still a while away. It gives me anxiety when friends tell me that they wait until the morning of a trip to pack. I know, I'm a crazy overthinker, but I love knowing that I won't get there and be horrified that I forgot to pack my favorite tee (or the ever-important shortalls, hah!).

What I'm packing…

Shorts + Shortalls // They're a must. It's supposed to be in the 90s while we're down there, so shorts are a must. Blue denim is classic, but I also am loving white denim too for days I want to feel a little more pulled together. I'm also exctied to bring my shortalls with me to mix things up.

Dresses // Since we don't have any kids going with us on this trip I'm excited to get to possibly do some fun adult things. You know, go back to the parks at night and get a drink, hit up downtown Disney. All that fun stuff you don't usually get to do. I'm packing a few cute, comfy, dresses to throw on at nights to feel a little more dressed up.

Tanks // Just a couple of my favorite tanks in mostly neutral colors so I can easily mix and match with everything else, and dress up with some light accessories. I have become obsessed with this tank, and have it in a couple colors, all of which I'll be bringing along:)

A pair of Jeans // Even though the weather looks like it'll be pretty hot all week, I always throw in a pair of jeans, just in case. I am loving white jeans right now, they're so versatile, whether you want to go more casual, or dress them up, so they were an obvious choice to bring.

A Good Hat + Sandals // I am a total hat addict, but they do take up a lot of space in luggage, so I decided to just bring one that I know I can mix and match with everything, and I plan on wearing it right onto the plane to save some luggage space! I hate wearing actual shoes when it's hot outside, so I made sure to pick up a comfy and cute pair of sandals from Target last week.

Any tips for things you've wished you had on vacay, or maybe something you realized when you got there that you were so happy to have remembered?

Vintage Inspired Cinderella

February 25, 2014 § 11 Comments

I recently added a new guilty pleasure to my list of Netflix addictions – Once Upon a Time! As a lifelong Disney and fairy tale addict, I suppose you could say it was fate. The story is definitely what got me. I love the idea of all the fairy tales being connected, and they do a great job of weaving the stories together.

The one thing in the show I was disappointed with though was the costume design. I felt like it went a bit overboard sometimes, to the point of being a little cheesy (can we cool it with all the glitter, guys?). I think some of the princess costumes also stuck a little too close to the cartoon versions. I would have loved to see them do a new take on them, and the more I thought about it, the more I thought of how I would do them. And so, the overthinker that I am, I just couldn't help putting a little inspiration board together.

Fine and Feathered Cinderella Inspiration Board

Here's my little take on Cinderella! For those of you who haven't seen the show, this is their version. I just felt she was a bit over the top, too much iridescence, glitter, and way too many curls. I love the idea of Cinderella having a more understand vintage glamour vibe to her. 

(Clockwise) Isn't Grace Kellyjust the perfect real life Cinderella inspiration? // I love this little hair clip for a little elegant sparkle. // This gorgeous necklace has a definite vintage princess vibe // I love how simple and beautiful this hair is // My idea of the absolute perfect Cinderella dress, gorgeous and simple! 

I know I'm sort of the odd man out with not loving their costume design, so I expect some of you to think I'm nuts. Also, now you've all been fully exposed to my Disney-obsessed, princess-loving side, so feel free to make fun:)

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