Wanted Wednesday: More Etsy Love

October 5, 2011 § 1 Comment

How gorgeous are these suitcases! love!

Perfect fall coat? oh, I think so.

This infitinty scarf looks like a perfectly sized blankey to hug your neck!

Later Hosen Hot Pants? Yes, please!

So lovely.

Wanted Wednesday…a day late

September 29, 2011 § 1 Comment

Print blouses…. amazing! (from The Sartorialist)

Possibly the most amazing dollhouse ever (The Brick House)

My grandparents use to have this gorgeous cabin that overlooked the Hudson River in NY and they had an amazing antler chandelier…. I would love to have one for myself someday (this one is by Jason Miller, isn’t it gorgeous?)

The perfect carry-all bag? I think so (found here)

That print is to die for! Can you believe this is from PacSun?
It’s official, I’m a fan.

Sorry this is a day late… my brain is a little scrambled this week (I spend almost all day yesterday thinking it was Tuesday for some odd reason!)

Wanted Wednesday: Audrey’s Style

September 21, 2011 § 1 Comment

I found these lovely photos of Audrey Hepburn on my computer that I must have saved from my pre-pinterest days (oh, how sad my life was before pinterest!)

She was certainly the queen of style and grace.

If you’re wondering what specifically I’m “wanting,” the answer would be: her hair, her glasses, that adorable stripey shirt, uh- that whole outfit, and, um, HELLO I’d die for that adorable dress! does that clear things up? :)

Wanted Wednesday Fall

September 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

So wanting… This girl’s mug and hair/face combo.

Just about the only thing I truly crave when It comes to autumn,
and boy do I crave it!
(From here)

This gorgeous outfit from ModCloth.
How amazing is that cape??

Crafts! then again… when do I not want to do crafts?
Love this leaf garland from Elsie

This coat & whole outfit.
Basic and so gorgeous!

Is there a season when stripes are not a complete and utter “YES!”?
I think not. (via Sunday Crossbow)

Wanted Wednesday

September 7, 2011 § 5 Comments

The Red Velvet Geometry Class Dress is beyond adorable!

This Print is way too much fun:)

How amazing is that girl on the left’s make-up? and whole outfit for that matter.

That dress! and pretty much everything else in the Olsen twins wardrobe!

Getting my hair cut on tomorrow (!!) and totally loving Mischa Barton’s hair (from here)

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