Sunday Lovely Sunday // Clad & Cloth

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Fine and Feathered Loves: Clad & Cloth

Fine and Feathered Loves: Clad & Cloth Fine and Feathered Loves: Clad & Cloth

Fine and Feathered Loves: Clad & Cloth

Can we talk real quick about my newest obsession? I just stumbled across Clad & Cloth and am completely and utterly smitten! The denim, the plaid, the loose dresses, it all screams to me. And they're styling has me feeling transported into some magical Pinterest board. I am totally eyeing up the Bib Dress (swoon!).

PS. I just want to note that I was not paid or asked in any way to promote them, I truly just completely fell in love and had to share!

Sunday Lovely Sunday // Spring Fever

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Boutierre Girls

Boutierre Girls

Over the past year I've developed a bit of an obsession. I probably follow close to a hundred floral designers on Instagram, and can't help but adding more to the list every week. Right now my feed is bursting with incredibly lovely flowers, and it's adding to my serious case of spring fever.

If you're feeling the fever too, just go with it, and indulge with me.

Ruby Mary Lennox

Ruby Mary Lennox 

BloomWell and Co

Bloomwell and Co

Swallows and Damsons

Swallows and Domsons


Flower Kraut

Primary Petals

Primary Petals

Saturday Inspiration

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Fine and Feathered, summer, saturdays, courtney shelton, handwriting, inspirationFine and Feathered, summer, flowers

Fine and Feathered, summer, exteriors, hammock, home

Fine and Feathered, summer, sarah korin

Fine and Feathered, summer, exteriors, home

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I know I've already been talking a lot about staying in the moment this summer, and I love to give myself more and more reminders to take it all in. At work all of the new fall clothes are rolling in and I get twinges of feeling where I can't help but be excited for fall. But I'm really trying to slow myself down and appreciate this beautiful summer weather while it's here, and then enjoy autumn once it arrives. 

More Saturday mornings in bed with the windows open, more toes in the sand on hot afternoons, more fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. Soak it all in.

Lovely Things // Pink Valentines

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When I was little me and my sister shared a pink room. I loved pink, and really anything hyper-girly. Now that I'm older I find myself rarely wearing, or using much pink at all – but I have to say, I love all the pink surrounding Valentines Day. Maybe It's just a nice distraction from winter, almost like a much needed little sneak-peak of spring, but it's just so much fun!

Frosted Rose Vase // Painting by Helen Frankenthaler // Sugar + Charm Donut Printable // "it was always you" card // Sugar Plum Fairy Tutu // Treasures and Travels Valentines Outfits // Homemade Poptarts // Lovely Flowers

More Thanksgiving Inspiration

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