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October 11, 2013 § 1 Comment

Since I'm at the end of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week, I thought I'd share some more Anthro products that are not only lovely, but could be perfect inspiration to DIY!

Anthropologie Pillows via Fine and Feathered

I love all these pillows, and they'd be so easy to duplicate! You could easily buy a pre-made circle stamp, or even make a potato stamp to do the Dot Stitch Pillow, and for the You Are My Sunshine Pillow, you could either use iron on transfers or stencils, like the ones I used for my table runner. I think I may have to make some…

Anthropologie Clutch via Fine and Feathered

Oh! I could totally see making this clutch from an old sweater and one of those clutch kits they have at most craft/sewing stores With just a little sewing savvy it'd be pretty easy:)

Anthropologie Macrame Planter via Fine and Feathered

I've seen a few tutorials around the web for making Macrame Plant Holders just like this one. Here's a fun video tutorial to make one from the Etsy Blog. I'd love to make a couple for our back patio next summer!

Doggie Bow Tie  via Fine and Feathered

Been there, made that! I whipped up Weston a Doggie Bow Tie Collar before they even started selling these ones! I made his big and goofy to match his personality, but they can easily be made small. Weston did say he's very hurt they'd choose a purebred to model it over him – mutts are the best:)

Anthropologie Chevron Dresser via Fine and Feathered

I'm usually not a huge chevron person, but this dresser is fun, and could be great inspiration for updating and old dresser that needs a facelift! And all you'd need is a little paint and tape.

Maxi Skirt via Fine and Feathered

Maxi skirts like this one are really easy to make! Here's my tutorial.

I've loved this little project I've done this week. It's got me excited and inspired to do so much more now, and I think it's really good practice to learn to make more instead of just wanting more. I'm always a big fan of making things myself:)

Simple Sunstripes Placemat DIY

October 10, 2013 § 3 Comments

Fine and Feathered

Sometimes it's fun to try a project that maybe isn't your usual style. I'm not saying go all out and make something you'd never use, but sometimes products or DIYs catch my eye, but I tell myself not even to make them because they're not inherently "my style". Sometimes it's good to just get your hands dirty though and try something new. I'm usually very simple and like to stick to more muted colors, or black and white when I want something high contrast, but I saw this placemat on Anthro's website and it totally grabbed me! I actually love coral-y colors, but don't usually use them, since this is just a simple placemat I thought it would be the perfect way to mix things up without any serious commitment.

Fine and Feathered

I chose to make my whole placemat from scratch, which is really easy if you know how just the basics of sewing (just double-turn hem each side!), but you could also just buy a pre-made plain white cotton placemat to use. I think even the dollar store carries some that could work!

Fine and Feathered

The great thing about such a simple, abstract print is that anyone can re-create it! I just used plain old foam brush from the craft store and some Martha Stewart All Purpose Paint in Geranium. It really is just as simple as dipping the tip of your foam brush in your paint and applying it straight on to your fabric or placemat! I let mine dry overnight and then went over it with a warm iron to set it.

Fine and Feathered

Even though I am usually not an abstract print, or bright colors kind of girl, I still love how it came out! I just made one and have been using it in the middle of our table, and it's a great little pop of color without being too much. It might be fun to make a whole bunch for Thanksgiving dinner to brighten up the table I think! Plus it'd be really easy and cheap too – love that!

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week – find out more about it here!

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October 10, 2013 § 6 Comments

Fine and Feathered
Fine and Feathered

                                                           Gap Shirt // Vintage Skirt + Belt
Some of my favorite old Anthropologie catalogues are the ones that just feel really cozy. Big sweaters, soft lighting, warm colors, all that stuff. I actually put this skirt up for sale both in my Etsy and on my INSTAsale, but it's stuck around and I'm actually really glad it did. It's so lovely, and it's heavier, which means it's perfect for this fall. I definitely will be hanging onto it. I almost feel like it could be right from Anthro.

Fine and Feathered

I loved the look of the fun, colorful skirt, with such a basic shirt. It's a classic look that's so easy and simple. It's one of those outfits you can kind of just throw on and not have to fuss or overthink things.

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHROPOLOGIE week – you can read about it here!

Tee-Pee Coasters DIY

October 9, 2013 § 1 Comment

Fine and Feathered

A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a link to these adorable little coasters from Anthro and I instantly knew I had to make them! They're really simple, and a cute little place to sit my morning tea at my desk. For this little design, you definitely don't need any sort of artistic ability, but if you're good at drawing you could make up your own fun little design to put on it instead.

Fine and Feathered
Fine and Feathered

For two coasters cut out of 4 5×5 inch squares in a duck cloth or linen type fabric. Sew good sides together, leaving about a 2 inch gap. Turn rightside out and iron flat. Hand sew gap closed.

Fine and Feathered

Using a fabric pen, draw an X with extra long legs. Connect the legs and add an extra line between the top arms. Add a small little rectangle at the bottom for a "door". Finish with a few stripes!

I love a nice, easy project!

Fine and Feathered

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // ANTHRO week – you can read about it here!

Bonjour Wire Sculpture DIY

October 9, 2013 § 5 Comments

Fine and Feathered

I've been a bit of a francophile for a long time. My bedroom as a teenager was all paris themed, and I even filled out paper work to become an Au Pair in france at one point. Of course when I came across this Bonjour Wire Script Scuplture on Anthro's website, I needed it! Or at least to make myself one:)

14 gauge galvanized wire (found at most hardware stores) // Wire wire cutters // Pliers // Gloves

Fine and Feathered

If you've never made anything with wire before, you can cut off a smaller piece to play with a get a feel for before you start. Even though I'm not wearing them in these photos, I still suggest wearing gloves, both for grip and to protect your hands from the sharp ends.

I left the page for Anthropologie's sign open while I worked, so I could mimic the same script they used, but if you prefer a different type of font you could just type it out on your computer in whatever font you fancy and mimic that! You'll probably want to still with something more loopy though. Really, it's all just a matter of playing with the wire and trying to copy the font. Pliers are great for bending the wire for sharp turns, but for more gradual ones it's easiest just to do it by hand, and play with it as you go. When you come to the end, before you cut it off, just step back from it for a minute to make sure you're happy before you snip off the end with your wire cutters.

I ended up really liking the look of the bare wire, it's very light and understated, but if you like the darker more obvious look like Anthro's version you could just give it a coat of black spraypaint, or even do a fun color if you like!

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

This is part of my INSPIRED BY // Anthropolgie project. You can read more about it here!

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