Pinning Lately

May 14, 2014 § 3 Comments

Going into a new season always gets me pinning even more than usual (which is kind of crazy). I thought it’d be fun to share some of my favorite things I’ve been pinning lately:)


Overalls have never been my thing, but darn, how adorable does this girl look in them?! (PS. Let me know if anyone knows the original source, I’d love to find it!) 

Treasures and Travels

I love this simple, but useful little tutorial for a braided crown from Treasures and Travels – how gorgeous is she, by the way?


Just completely in love with this house in every way – so adorable!

Horse Love

Horsie kisses. I mean, what’s better than that?


Spring has brought on some serious flower fever for me. I never was that interested in flowers before, but this year I actually have a bit of an obsession going:)

Bloggers I Love

March 22, 2014 § 9 Comments

The last few months I've been really trying to find some new bloggers to follow. It may just be my own changing tastes, but I feel like a lot of the bloggers I used to love have changed a lot (and some have also stopped blogging). I'm always looking for blogs that have good photography and a more defined sense of style or self, and the last few months I've found a couple that are just perfect and I thought I'd share in case anyone else is feeling similarly, or maybe if you just need some new blogs to check out while relaxing this weekend!

Two Happy Hears


Christen has such a unique style. I love the entire feel of her blog though – so dreamy and inspiring! Her Photography is just so gorgeous too, I could look through it all day. 


Holly Dolly via Fine and Feathered


Holly is so stinkin' adorable! She has a really cute, fun style. She also makes some of her own clothes and does lots of DIYs, so she's just plain inspiring all around. 


The Blue Curtain via Fine and Feathered  The Blue Curtain


Not only does Lizette have a seriously gorgeous head of hair, but she's got a style that's definitely her own. It can be really cute and feminine, and it can be fun and bohemian. I always love a good mix myself!  


Cotton and Curls via Fine and Feathered


If you want lots of sewing tutorials and DIYS paired with some amazing style, Liz is your girl. I have a ton of her sewing projects bookmarked that hopefully I'll get to someday:)


Kaylee Daily via Fine and Feathered  Kaylee Daily via Fine and Feathered


Kaylee is so cute! Her style actually reminds me a lot of some of the bloggers I used to follow before they changed. It's fun and a little preppy, and she also practices wearing clothes she already owns in new ways – I love that! 

Have you guys come across any bloggers lately that you love? I'm always looking for new ones to check out:)

Favorite Warm Weather Styles

March 20, 2014 § 3 Comments

Happy first day of spring everyone! It's no real secret that the Spring and Summer are my favorite times of year, so I'm really excited that it's actually "officially" here (even though we did get 6 inches of snow earlier this week). I started some "spring cleaning" this week and it got me thinking about what I'm really excited to wear this summer, and things I'd like to buy and make, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about here!


Color Me Nana via Fine and Feathered  The Words via Fine and Feathered

Color Me Nana // The Words About Fashion

I've been a huge believer in the little white dress for a long time, and am especially fond of a light, lacey one for summer. I love how the girl on the right paired her dress with brown loafers, it gives it such a dressed down, casual vibe that I love! I adore all the details on this ModCloth dress, so sweet and lovely!


Tick Tock Vintage via Fine and Feathered  Flashes of Style via Fine and Feathered

Tick Tock Vintage via Chloe Loves Charlie // Flashes of Style

"Florals for spring? Groundbreaking" I know! Hah. I'm generally not a huge floral person (I used to have one floral dress and got rid of it last year), but I've been seeing some floral prints I'm just in love with this year. I love this sweet one from ShopRuche. I can see throwing on a army jacket or something with it in the spring to give it a little boyish flare, or just throwing it on by itself for a day at the beach in the summer.


Keiko Lynn via Fine and Feathered  Flor de Maria via Fine and Feathered

Keiko Lynn // Flor de Maria

Last year it seemed everyone was wearing those comfy, plain jersey maxi dresses. Lately I've been in love with maxi dresses covered in really fun prints. I love how both the above girl's dresses are still really feminine, and just gorgeous. How incredible is this Anthropologie Dress? It's way out of my price range, but I will definitely be keeping my eyes out for some similar fabric this spring so I can make my own version!


Via Fine and Feathered  FP Me via Fine and Feathered

Free People Tumblr // Kelly FPMe

I'm not usually one to talk about "underthings", but I'm totally obsessed with the strappy bras they have right now at Free People! I love how they look super comfy, and are meant to be "shown off". It's always hard to hide bra straps during the summer anyway, so I think it may be a stroke of genius to make them super cute so that not only do you not have to worry about them peeking out, but you can show them off without it looking "scandelous" heh! (shown here – Strappy Back Bra + Strappy Front Bra)

What are you guys excited to wear in the warm weather? 

Spring Dreams

March 17, 2014 § 1 Comment

Fine and Feathered

We are the Rhodes via Fine and Feathered

Ruffled Blog via Fine and Feathered

Via Fine and Feathered

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // We have a fresh coat of snow, but the only thing I can think about it spring!

Enchanted Fairies Inspiration

March 7, 2014 § 6 Comments

Last week I shared my love for "Once" but my dissapointment in some of the costuming, so I shared my own version of Cinderella. One of my biggest dissapointments of all though, was the fairies (if you're not familiar with the show, here's the main fairy). I felt like everything about them was so over the top, and honestly, just kind of strange. I imagine them to be much more delicate looking with natural influences.

Fine and Feathered Fairy Inspiration

(clockwise from top left) 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7

The dresses from Rodarte (in the center) were sort of my jumping off point. I immediately thought of them when I thought of fairies, they're just so dreamy and unique! I love the ideas of fairies being in muted pastels and wearing wildflower crowns too. Another thing that bothered me was all the CGI in the show, especially when they flew, it looked so awkward. I would love to see them just sort of appear behind trees and what not when they're needed.

I also came across this shot of Kirsten Dunst that I couldn't fit into my board, but her look here is just so perfect for a fairy that I can't help but share…

Kirsten Dunst

What did you guys think of their take on fairies? I'm open to other people's opinions, so feel free to voice it even if you completely disgree with all of mine:)

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