A Day at the Farm

August 29, 2014 § 10 Comments

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered

Fine and Feathered


Have I mentioned how much I love my job?! Well I do. Last week I got to get together with a couple girls from the other Philly stores and our instagram contest winners to do a little photoshoot at the farm I've been riding at the last few years. It was such a fun day. I mean, horses, amazing clothes, and some awesome girls – it just doesn't get much better than that. And how awesome did these photos turn out? I am seriously obsessed! Demi-Brooke did an incredible job. It was so much fun that my brain has already been running around thinking of the next one:)

Photos : dbphotography
Location : Eddis Farm
Props : Royal Port Antiques

First Photo // Masquerade Cuff Thermal, Draped in Plaid Shirt, Destroyed Ankle Skinny
Second Photo // Slouchy Boyfriend Jacket, Raindrop Embellished Tunic, Extended Brim Clipperton Hat
Third Photo // On Kelly: Matador Hat, Every Girl Henly, Everything Rosey Pencil Skirt On Lauren: I love Rock and Roll Tee, Sequin Joggers, Heyoka Pendant On me: Back Together Tee, Brooklyn High Rise Skinnies
Fourth Photo // On Rie: Every Girl Henly, Military Stripe Peplum Jacket, Raw Hem Cut-Offs On Magge: Jagged Edge Peplum TopBrooklyn High Rise Skinnies On Jesse: Masquerade Cuff ThermalDraped in Plaid ShirtDestroyed Ankle Skinny
Fifth Photo // Lace Open Back Tank, Strappy Back Bra, Yard Check High Rise Crop Pants
Sixth Photo // Battenburg Bralette, Ikat KimonoBrooklyn High Rise Skinnies
Seventh Photo // Every Girl Henly, Plaid Crinkle Trousers, Henschel Goleta Baseball Hat
Eighth Photo // On Jesse: Masquerade Cuff ThermalRaw Hem Cut-Offs, Broken Stripe Kimono On Lauren: I love Rock and Roll TeeSequin JoggersHeyoka Pendant On Kelly: Matador HatEvery Girl HenlyEverything Rosey Pencil Skirt On Rie: Every Girl HenlyPlaid Crinkle TrousersHenschel Goleta Baseball Hat On Me: Back Together TeeBrooklyn High Rise Skinnies On Maggie: Slouchy Boyfriend JacketRaindrop Embellished TunicExtended Brim Clipperton Hat, Fidler Tall Socks

PS. You can see even more shots over on the dbphotography blog! And don't forget to follow each of our lovely models on FPme – Rie, Jesse, and Maggie!

Devon Love

May 26, 2013 § 3 Comments

Devon Horse Show on Fine and Feathered

Devon Horse Show Fine and Feathered

LOVE being at the Devon Horse Show again! Want to spent every little minute there. Will definitely share some more photos later this week:)

Home again, Home again.

September 27, 2012 § 3 Comments



Vintage Shirt & Hat // Loft Denim (Thrifted) // Thrifted Moccasins
Scarf C/O The Dabblist

It's almost surreal to be home after almost two weeks in practically another world. In most ways, it's great to be back, but part of me misses waking up to mountains outside my window. More then that though, I miss spending afternoons galloping through those same mountains on horse-back. No matter how dirty I would get (now I know why old movies of cowboys show them with a handkerchiefs covering their faces when riding!) or how sore my butt would be (TMI?) I still looked forward to it the next day's ride. It's definetely a bit of a fantasty land for this horse-lovin' girl.

 The ranch we stayed out (Goosewing Ranch) is set deep into the Gros Ventre Wilderness in Wyoming. Like, an hour and a half driving on a dirt road, type of deep. Since there's no cell phone service, no tv's in your room or very much internet access, it kind of forces you to enjoy it all. It's a little sad that I have to be forced into enjoying such amazing scenery, but after a few days getting used to not checking my cell phone every two minutes I finally did appreciate the quiet times in the afternoon, just sitting on the porch and feeding little tiny chipmunks and just taking in an amazing view all around.



I have hundreds more photos to go through, so I'll definitely be sharing more from my trip. Right now I'm just enjoying being home with my husband and my pup and being able to blog again (I missed it!:)

Sunday Afternoon Polo

August 20, 2012 § Leave a comment


Yesterday my mamma and I decided to head up to Pennsylvania to check out one of Brandywine Polo's sunday matches. It was such a lovely day and so much fun to watch all the horses and riders do their thing (it's a hugely impressive sport to a newbie rider, like myself:). We even brought ourselves a nice little picnic and brought my mom's dog along too!

me and "momo" enjoying a walk

How was your weekend?

The Everyday

July 25, 2012 § 1 Comment

braiding adventures // rainy days // nightly run views // my handsome man at the barn

I definitely love having an iPhone if only for the reason of taking photos and being completely addicted to instagram. I love seeing other peoples snippits from everyday life, and it's so fun to be able to pull out my phone and snap a photo whenever inspiration strikes! This is just a few photos I've gotten over the last few weeks (the one of Handsome is from this morning!). Are there any other fun iPhone photo apps you love?

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