Craft Zine Love!

August 9, 2012 § 2 Comments

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I am super excited that I have another craft that's been featured on Craft Zine! It's always nice to see that people really love a craft:)

PS. I had a few people worried about doing the craft due to the BPA on mason jar lids. Personally, I've read quite a bit about BPA and made my own decision that it does not bother me, but for those of you who are concerned I updated the post and listed a few links at the bottom to websites with BPA free lids for mason jars! Hope that helps everyone:)

Hey! That’s Me!

March 27, 2012 § 4 Comments

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I blog because I love it, I really do. But isn't it nice when someone else loves what you've done too? I was so excited when my friend Elizabeth e-mailed me the link to a feature they did on Faux Wood-Grain Laptop Cover on Craftzine (a seriously cool website by the way!) and then found out it was featured on Decor Hacks too (also a great website)! Thanks so much to both of them for "showing it off" for me:)

I’m on ABeatifulMess Today!

February 18, 2012 § 11 Comments

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Ah! I'm so excited! I've been reading Elsie's blog for years now and am so excited that she chose to feature my Dress ReStyle! It's truly an honor for me!

I did want to say one little thing too! I noticed just glancing through the comments that a few people were disapointed I had altered the dress. Honestly, when I bought that dress I didn't plan on altering it, thinking it was cute too. Now I wish I had taken the "before" photo with the dress  on me, because it was truly dreadful! The sleeves were so puffy they came up to about the top of my ears and the dress was a very akward somewhere-between-the-knees-and-ankles length.
I would never alter an already pretty dress – I promise!

Make sure you check it out over on Elsie's Blog!

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