Vintage Knitting Magazine

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Last week when me and my mom were at the auctions she was able to snag a big box of vintage knitting patterns! They are all so cute I can barely take it. Of course some of them were more comical then adorable (oh 1970…). But I was pretty excited that this guy was a double and she let me have it! I don't knit at all but I love flipping through and looking at all the styling.

PS. Does anyone else think of Dumbledore when it comes to collecting knitting patterns? ;)

DIY : Season Keeper

June 28, 2012 § 12 Comments


I have a problem. Well, I have many problems, but today I'm just going to talk about the one.

I have severe compulsions to collect silly little things on trips and outings. I just recently threw away quite a bit of stuff that I've collected over the years and I still have two big boxes left. I did a little scrapbooking when I was a kid, but never really got into it. It just wasnt me. It always felt too formal to me and there was always so much stuff that didn't seem to have a place in a scrapbook.

This summer I've continued to collect random things from trips, but have finally found a way to keep them all together and not feel like I have to sit down and spend an hour to perfect a page for a scrapbook. I decided I'd like to make one each season. Of course, you could do one for just one trip, for a whole year, or for whatever!


As far as supplies goes you can really customize everything to your liking. I also have a envelope hoarding problem, so I used a few different tall envelopes to mix in with the pamphlets and other things I've been collecting so far this summer. I used some book rings you can pick up easily pretty much wherever office supplies are, and my brand new Cropadile (a birthday gift that I've been dying to try out!).


Collect together all the "pages" you want to use. This can really be anything, but it's best to do things of similar sizes to keep it looking somewhat cohesive.


Choose what side you'll "bind" them together on and make sure they're all even on that side (I chose the left), then clip them on the opposite side to keep them together.



To make sure your holes are evenly spaced out, just use a ruler and a pencil to mark where you should punch.


CRUNCH! Time to punch some holes :)
The great thing about the Cropadile is that it can punch through almost anything (and no, no one paid me to say that! hah!).  If you don't have one of these bad boys you definetely can use just a regular hole punch, but you might have to do just a page or two at a time.


Now just slide your book rings through the holes and you're done!


Now let me tell you my million other reasons for adoring this little keeper (or whatever you want to call it!)

-You can add as little or as much stuff as you want. Getting too big?
Just switch out the little book rings for big ones:)

-Using envelopes for it is perfect since you can throw anything too little to be bound
with it inside the envelope and not loose it or wonder where it came from.

Seriously guys, do you know many of these things I have hanging around from trips? And they're impossible to scrapbook so they just sit in boxes. This is perfect for those things!

-Since the book rings are super easy to remove all you have to do is punch a few holes when you get back from a trip and PRESTO! You don't have to worry about them hanging around yoru house for months.

-Anything can be bound in it. I'm a napkin theif at cute eateries, and I can
actually bind those guys in there with everything else!


Okay, maybe that wasn't a million reasons. But seriously, guys, I'm in love:)

If you make one, make sure you link me to it, I'd love to see other peoples!

Thrift (&Yard Sale) Finds

June 26, 2012 § 8 Comments

Vintage Camera Bag $3

I must say, one of my favorite recent thrifts! I have a great camera/laptop bag that's nice and sturdy, but not really all that pretty. This one is much more compact for when I want to just bring my camera and a lense or two and still look cute! Love it!

Vintage Phone $2

We don't even have a land line, but this cutie almost makes me want one! I fell in love with the deep red color of it and had to have it! Even if all it does is sit and look pretty :)

Vintage Camp Lantern $1

I saw a similar camp lantern in a thrift store a few months ago and fell in love with it, but apparently someone told them it was an antique and they got carried away because it was priced at $75! Crazy! I knew if I held out I could find one cheap, and then a yard sale brought me and this adorable one together! 

Vintage Camera 50cents

Cameras are one of those things I've been collecting since I was about 15 and never cease to get excited when I find one I don't already have!


Do you have any recent thift (or yard sale!) finds you're in love with?

Washi Tape

May 12, 2012 § 4 Comments



I know I'm way behind on the Washi Tape game, but I finally let myself buy a couple of rolls this week and am already completely hooked! For a girl who adores paper crafts, gift wrapping, and just plain cute things, this stuff is addictive! I'm already planning on making these a "treat" and buying a few new colors/patterns each season. Right now I'm completely in love with polka dots and couldn't restrain myself from getting 3 different colors of polka dotted tapes!

I got all my rolls from Pretty Tape, but Etsy is chock-full of any different type of Washi Tape you could possibly imagine!


There's so many different uses for this fun little stuff, I'm having a blast just playing around with it. Anyone have a favorite way to use Washi Tape?


P.S. On a totally unrelated note, I wanted to thank everyone who commented or even just took the time to read my post this week about our chickens. It's amazing how attached you can become to even just chickens, but I felt so much love from all of you, and that's one of those amazing things I love about blogging! We are starting to plan some changes we can make to both the coop and the backyard to make it safe for us to adopt a new pair of chickens, so I'll keep you all posted :)

Auction finds

November 29, 2011 § 5 Comments

One of the fun things about our local auction is that they don't just do unique furniture, but always have boxes and boxes of sort of "yard sale" type of things that they auction off outside. Mostly, they're junk, but quite often people will buy a few boxes, dig through them to get what they want and leave the rest. So, of course, I can't help but graze through the leftovers and make myself a little box of little abandoned gems! Not to mention… free!



The books were by far my favorite find of the day.


The Glamour Magazine Party book (from 1965) is full of tips on how to create a good spirit for your party and a few tasty recipes that I can't wait to try out!


The Etiquette book (from 1956) is not just full of rules for being a proper lady, but is just conpletely adorable! It even has charts of how to start and end letters for whatever situation you may find yourself, or what place to set who for formal dinners!


The Guide to Beauty, Charm & Poise (from 1967) is full of lovely illustrations and even a few adorable photos, and boasts knowledge such as "a man has a more sensitive sense of smell than a woman and this leads him to be attracted to the girl who makes the most of her attractiveness by being scrubbed and polished. Her hair is clean and sweet smelling as is her entire person. She is well-groomed." I love it!




There was also a little "Party Perfect" book from 1959 with adorable illustrations, a fold-up postcard from 1972, a few sewing notions (zipper, elastic and snaps!) and some super cute jars I already have a few ideas for:)

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