Inspiring Podcasts for Blogging and Creativity

August 21, 2015 § 3 Comments

Inspiring Podcasts for Blogging and Creativity from Fine and Feathered

I am flat out addicted to podcasts. Ever since I started listing to them, it's changed my commute from a big chunk of wasted time, that I spend wondering how far humanity is from making teleporting real, to a time when I'm learning, being inspired, and getting excited about creative endevours. You'll notice that a lot are from the same few podcasts, and I highly recommend taking a listen to other episodes from the same ones, but these are some of my favorites that got me really excited, and I think they may do the same for you!


Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.39 - Maintaining a Creative Habbit

Smart Passive Income // Ep.140 - Productivity and the Early Morning Routine

The Accidental Creative // The Necessity of Unnecessary Creating

Elise Gets Crafty // Ep.67 – Brainstorming for Creative Projects

The Lively Show // Ep.74 – How to Get the Most Out of Your "Fringe Hours"

 How They Blog // Ep.23 - The Power of Taking Action 


You might go ahead and guess that Elise Gets Crafty is one of my favorites. I subscribe, and have yet to dislike an episode. Even when I think it won't relate to me, somehow I still end up liking it. 

Just to be real here, I also have a whole slew of totally uneducational, goofy, and useless podcasts that I listen to as well. Some days you just gotta laugh.  


I will be adding to this list also, as I come across any new ones I love! Fell free to share with me some of your favorites too! I'd love to hear:)

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§ 3 Responses to Inspiring Podcasts for Blogging and Creativity

  • bookmarking these now. thanks for sharing.

  • Liz says:

    I am addicted to podcasts too! As a Brit I download a lot of mine from the BBC website – I have no idea if you can access it from the USA. I love listening to podcasts when I’m cooking, it’s like double the relaxation :)
    Thanks for sharing your favourites :) I’ll look them up.
    My favourites from the BBC, if you are interested:
    Four Thought (a speaker gives a talk on something thought-provoking, like war, or disability or lifestyle – it’s very different every week but always really interesting)
    The Life Scientific (interviews with scientists about their lives)
    The Now Show (funny topical comedy looking at the week’s events)
    The Food Chain (series about different foods, their histories, their production etc.)
    The Infinite Monkey Cage (funny science programme – combination of comedy and fact)

  • oh awesome! Thanks for all the recommendations Liz, I’ll definitely have to check those out:)

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