Simple Packed Lunches // BBQ Chicken Sliders

January 6, 2015 § Leave a comment

Fine and Feathered

One thing that has majorly changed since I went to work full time has been my eating habbits. Before, I was making dinner almost every night, and we ate at home for almost all our meals. Now, I'm lucky to be able to eat one meal at home on days I work. I also got into a bad habbit of eating take out for most of my meals at work. But I feel like I've finally gotten into a good rhythm, and built up a great collection of recipes, to make food to take with me to work! I feel so much better after eating a nice packed lunch, then after eating take out.

When I first starting looking for good ideas I had a little bit of trouble. It seems most blogs about packing lunches are dedicated to kid lunches, or if they're for adult, are aimed at more of a diet type lunch. So I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorites. They're easy to put together, really tasty, and are most likely way better than take out for you (especially if you work in a mall, like me:).

Fine and Feathered


These are my new favorite little obsession. The Amish Market near our house makes incredible rolls and I love grabbing these little dinner sized ones to make "sliders" with. Even when I don't have rolls handy I still love to whip up some bbq chicken and just eat it by itself too.

If you have any leftover chicken laying around, this is perfect for that! If not, I like to make one or two chicken breast cutlets on my days off, and keep them plain in the fidge to grab throughout the week. All you need to do for this is shred a chicken cutlet, and cover generously with your favorite BBQ sauce (this is our favorite). Pack a couple dinner sized potato rolls (don't forget to slice them!). Keep chicken in a cooled lunchbox, or fridge until ready to eat, then reheat in microwave for about 30 seconds, and serve on rolls. 

Like I said, super simple, but so good!

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