Sew Pretty

December 26, 2010 § 94 Comments

I am so excited to show off my Christmas present from my amazing boyfriend. It’s a vintage 1944 Singer sewing machine. Its the super cute kind that hides away in its own table and a cute little compartment for the threads and bobbins. Did I mention it’s completely working? It works like brand new and even had it’s original manual with it (with a thousand super helpful pictures). My boyfriend knows me so well:)


I love it… love it love it.

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§ 94 Responses to Sew Pretty

  • halfbakedlog says:

    My mother had one like this. I’m so happy that something old is new again for you to use. I guess the old stuff lasts, we should build more things that last and not things that need to be sent to the dump and replaced constantly.

    • amen! not only that, but I adore the little details they put into things. We just don’t do that anymore, its sad!

    • Fashnlvr says:

      Planned obsolescence or built-in obsolescence in industrial design is a policy of deliberately planning or designing a product with a limited useful life, so it will become obsolete or nonfunctional after a certain period.
      This is why things don’t last and are not built as well as things used to be built. It is all a scheme to make money. This is also the reason a product breaks right after it goes out of warranty. They KNOW how long it is supposed to last and so only warranty until about the time it should stop working. So sad!!

      Great sewing machine!! What are you going to make first?

    • cynsglobe says:

      My grandmother has one in her sewing room – it so old it actually has the foot pedal and wheel – no electricity! I am in love with the old sewing machines. The one you posted is amazing!

  • harpersfarm says:

    What a beautiful machine and an amazing gift!! Thanks for sharing!

  • rootietoot says:

    What a beautiful machine! I wish they made them pretty like that now. enjoy!

  • Zahara says:

    Lucky you, love all the pretty details.

  • makingup3000 says:

    Very cool!! I like the “hiding away in the table” thing. Nice pictures.

  • The Sewist says:

    What a great gift! I sew on a vintage Singer and love it way more than my 90s machine which is far less beautiful and sews much less beautifully.

    Happy sewing!

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  • enjoibeing says:

    looks really vintage. thats a pretty cool gift that he got you. i hope you sew up some good things

  • Wow, that is a beautiful gift! I’m sure you will make many memories with it. I’d say your boyfriend is a keeper ;)

  • That must have been difficult to find. I am impressed!
    I agree about the details…craftsmanship isn’t what it used to be. I was in a very old building this year (housing the Lick Observatory)and I remember noticing the details of the hinges on the doors –not unlike the design on your sewing machine, but in brass.

  • jule1 says:

    It’s electric? It must be. Those older, all metal machines are great. I have one from the 70’s from Montgomery Ward and it still works. I’m sure yours is far more charming, though. But the ones nowadays that are all plastic parts — blech. Congrats on getting such a wonderful present. Your boyfriend sure knows how to pick a unique gift!

  • rose says:

    my mother also had one of these little featherweights. we all (girls) used it to make our school clothes. i lost it about 30 years ago when i had borrowed it. last year i saw one in an antique store and bought it. i have used it, but need to take it in for adjusting. i found out that there is are websites dedicated to the featherweight. i now i see them even more often in antique stores…. i am always hoping i will find my mother’s someday….

  • simplethymeprims says:

    Beautiful machine,,,lucky you!

  • Sidhe Woman says:

    Oh, I bought a sewing machine with the best intentions. It’s been over a year and it’s still in the box.

    I always drool over vintage machines when I visit antique shops, but I have told myself I am not allowed to invest until I use the one I’ve got!

    Congrats on your new love. Your boyfriend did well!

  • auntbethany says:

    Yay for Christmas appliances! I got a mixer, and although it’s not an antique, I, too, have blogged about it! Hoping you enjoy a wonderful holiday season!

  • ridleymocki says:

    We have one almost exactly like it! It sits in our hallway as a table where we keep photos. And ours is working too! Isn’t it amazing to find something so elegant and old, something with such history, a thing to which your possessing adds to its story? It’s a good feeling.

  • pierrmorgan says:

    Smart man that boyfriend of yours! I have a 1952 Singer Featherweight – in its own little portable black carrying case. Got it for Christmas when I was 16. And I still love it love it as you love yours. How wonderful! Yours is a beauty. The best gift ever.

  • Ms. MEM says:

    How wonderful that you have a boyfriend who pays attention to your taste! Love the side panel metal design! How unique~ Enjoy sewing this coming New Year 2011 !

  • breannaberry says:

    i love ur camera! what type may i ask?

  • Congratulations on that! my grandmother used to own one too.

  • richannkur says:

    Thanks for sharing…. even i had forgotten how the singer sewing machine used to look like…old is gold.

  • Valentina says:

    My grandmothers,both of them, had this kind of machine(brand,design..) I never thought of calling it vintage,just old…I never was familiar with “vintage” at those times.:((( Darn it!!!! If I only knew there would be time when people would actually buy those things…

  • missjewelz says:

    a very beautiful machine :) i am not good at sewing (at all) but happy to see that you’re into sewing ! :)

  • Connie T says:

    My mom has one and it still works. She still sews with it. I used it when I was a teen, sewing my clothes. She does not have a table for it. My grandmother had one too.

  • ohmylady333 says:

    I should say you are so lucky. It’s really a great gift.

  • 9medusa says:

    My mother has a similar machine, which once belonged to my grandmom. My mom has stitched so many things for me.

    This blog of yours brought so many sweet childhood memories, I suddenly feel so loved

    Thank you so much for sharing this.

  • babygreens says:

    oh my! that’s beautiful, and took me right back to turning the handle on my mum’s Singer while she bravely sewed.

    Gorgeous photo and lovely writing, thank you.

  • amna says:

    Beautiful, isn’t it? My mother had around 10 of these all by “Singer”, as she used to run sewing classes from home. I learnt to sew on this and even did a lot of machine embroidery by using the foot pedestal. I may be able to ship one(the last one that we are left with) to Melbourne next year.
    I must add that your boyfriend is very thoughful :)

  • Will you use it? Or just keep it nestled in a corner for everyone to see? xx

  • rtcrita says:

    I learned to sew on a machine just like this one. I had one myself that I had for years and finally sold it a few years back when I moved. I used it for an entry way table for the longest time, because I just didn’t want to part with it. I’m sure my mother still has the same one she taught me to sew on. I thanked her a few years back for teaching me to sew. It has become one of my favorite things to do. As well as being a valuable skill that has given me a great outlet for my creativity, I’m sure I’ve saved a large amount of money over the years with all I’ve sewn. Enjoy your Christmas present and Happy New Year!

  • shinypigeon says:

    This is amazing…. what a wonderful and thoughtful gift

  • Leanne says:


    it’s beautiful and in perfect condition! I have one that I found in a skip believe it or not!!


    check out my blog – it’s brand new!!



  • dia says:

    LOVE it ! I am an antique freak. That machine is a piece of art. I know you appreciate it and will enjoy it—what a treasure. Even the owner’s manuals were beautifully done back then. I collect antique typewriters & telephones and like to imagine the person/people who may have used each of my antiques WAY WAY back. You have given me a good idea to showcase maybe a few of my special machines on my blog.

  • tomdarling says:

    Do you have any leads about parts? Mostly, bobbins and the like. I am also interested in seeing the pages of your instruction manual.

    It has been years since I have sewn, and that was on an old treadle machine, but I recently borrowed a “modern” machine and have the bug. My mom gave me her old Singer, much like yours, but it is missing things like bobbins. Illustrations and instructions would be quite helpful.

    Happy sewing.

  • So happy to come across this blog. How beautiful and thoughtful a gift and what incredible detail! Have two similar, table-hidden models myself (one significantly less vintage but still does a great job). Singers are the best!

    Joanna Aislinn
    Dream. Believe. Strive. Achieve!
    The Wild Rose Press

  • Az. SBSM says:

    WOW what a nice Christmas gift! Such a beautiful piece of machinery. I am going to have to share this post with my mother, she is sewer and will love it. Great pictures, thank you for sharing. Congratulations on being Freshly Pressed!


  • Very nice website ……..

  • shirleymclain930 says:

    I love old sewing machines, we have a White treadle machine that still sews. When I was growing up, my mother made many a dress and summer outfit on this machine.

    I learned to sew on it also. Those machines are something special. I am glad you received such a wonderful gift. Congrats on being placed on Freshly Pressed.

  • What an amazingly thoughtful gift — that’s one special boyfriend you have!

  • your boyfriend is kind of the man…one of the most thoughtful gifts ive heard of yet.

  • Deanna says:

    Wow – you know how to work this thing?!
    This brings back fond memories of my mom, toiling away on her identical machine on an outfit for me. I was the youngest of nine children, yet my mom still found time to make me special dresses and costumes, so I was ensured an original.
    I never did learn to sew – too finicky and I am not patient – but admire those that can. Have fun creating on your beautiful antique; the sky is the limit.

  • Where in the world did he find something like that in such great condition? Happy sewing!!



  • That is a gift! And with the instruction book, too.

  • Tammi says:

    Congratulations for showing up on Freshly Pressed, I wouldSinger’ve never found you otherwise!

    I have a drapery business and I really appreciated your post. I remember as a little girl going to my grandmother’s house and sitting in front of her treadle machine, a Singer, and dreaming of the day when I could have it. Alas, the house got sold and I guess they figured I was too young.

    In 8th grade, I got my first Singer machine and still have it, 34 yrs later and still use it from time to time. I have all industrial machines now for my business but I will always keep my first machine.

    Enjoy yours and if you have any questions about sewing, feel free to contact me.


  • I have a sewing machine very much like this one but it’s a portable. I think it’s a few years newer — 1950s maybe — but it still works just fine. It was my mother’s. There’s a repair shop in the Lower Mainland (of BC) that services these old machines. I had taken it to several shops for a tune-up and they just told me I needed to get rid of it and buy a new one. The guy in Burnaby fixed it up for me in minutes, and only charged $25!

  • April says:

    wow…this is like sewing porn. I love it!

  • leahsinger says:

    That is gorgeous! Not only is it great that it’s a sewing machine. But LOVE the vintage. What a find!

  • Those machines were built to last. My mother had an older version that was built in the 1950’s, and it still works. My mother-in-law had an older one that was still treadle-run–it was strong enough to run the needle right through her five-year old sized fingers, so be careful! And, keep that boyfriend.

  • bagnidilucca says:

    I have a 50 year old metal framed Bernini which I have been using since I was 11. I am 57 now and I have been using it constantly. I made all my son’s clothes when he was little and my clothes all of my life. I also used it as an industrial machine for 15 years and sewed all the clothes in my shop. It was not new when I got it, so I am not really sure exactly how old it is. I used it today. I expect to use it for the rest of my life.

  • My aunt has one like this. Her husband keeps telling her to throw it away, but she doesn’t listen. He once threatened her that he would do it if she didn’t, so she woke up in the middle of the night and hid it in the backyard!

  • What a great machine ! I remember my grandmother had one. So many of these machines have been cannibalised into tables ie. wrought iron stand – no machine – “modern” table top. In fact, I saw such a bastardisation this Christmas in a friend’s house. I didn’t comment – just thought it sad. I’m sure you’ll cherish it. Great gift. Top marks to your man !!

  • Meg and Gosia says:

    I stumbled across this site due to the photo. Lucky lady but I am sure it has gone to a good home. Nice also to see that there are so many kindred spirits with an abhorrence of the in-built obsolescence in today’s society. Enjoy your Singer!

  • Thanks for sharing….

    Fascinating to see what passion these machines elicit! Your beau is a great guy for being able to appreciate such age, beauty and utility in one object. One of the best gifts I ever received was a Japanese vanity chest (they have a very tall mirror and are very small), as it has all of these qualities.

    Now you’ll have to come back and show us what you’ve made!

  • Deina Zartman says:

    It’s truly a thing of beauty. Congrats. And on the feature, too. ;)

  • Beautiful photos. Congrats on your new sewing machine :)

  • 4myskin says:

    How cool! Happy Sewing! :D

  • fashionnation1on1 says:

    Your machine is so wonderful. I love the Singer Featherweight and I know many people show still love and use this excellent machine.

    Congrats on making Freshly Pressed!! You may find our blog useful to you since it is all about fashion knowledge. If you go to our blog, make sure you look for the link to Fashion-Incubator, it is a fantastic site that will help you with many sewing and pattern making issues.

    Great boyfriend with great taste!!

  • hookandtanglz says:

    Singer made a great machine. Don’t hesitate to take it in and get it tuned up (Timing and tension do go out after a while, and it probably needs to be cleaned up and de-gummed from oil that’s sat too long).

    If the place you take it tells you to junk it, junk THEM, go somewhere else that appreciates fine craftsmanship. Those places are out there. My parents owned a sewing machine store and my dad liked to work on these old machines. He gave one to me, too.

    When you do get it tuned up, have them show you all the places you need to oil it, because that machine will want to be oiled regularly. It will last fo-eh-vah. It does one thing (straight stitch) but it does it to perfection. You can have a lot of fun making quilts with it, you know, and if it has a bunch of those fun attachments you can learn to use them as well.

    Have fun!!

  • faithlooksup says:

    You MUST really love it–the angles you took of the machine was incredibly well photographed. It’s also very unique. I’ve never seen anything like it before and it works! That’s a very thoughtful gift. You’ve got a great b/f who went out of his way to get you something like that. I think he’s a keeper :).

  • So cool! Sure wish I knew how to sew! I think I was with the generation that slowly faded out! My grandmother new how and my mom did a little! I tinkered with crosstitching a little, but I don’t have the paitence anymore! Congrads on the sewing machine!!

  • Beautiful Pictures! you have a great sense of perspective! i love it keep up the great work!


  • Breland Kent says:

    Wow. That is so awesome. I love old vintage items no matter what it is. And the fact that it still had it’s original manual is amazing. Congrats on your new toy! :)

  • The Singers are the best sewing mashines ever, not like ones we buy now!!! The quality is outstanding. I can say that bcs my grandma owns one similar to yours and it stil works perfectly although it is very old! Hope I`ll inherit it!:-)

  • When I saw the pic I had to comment. My mother and grandmother both had this type of sewing machine. I was just saying yesterday what ever happened to it! I sure wish I had their sewing machines. Enjoy!

  • Sew Fabulous! What a great guy! I hope you show us some of the things you make with it. I’m thrilled it’s getting a second life thanks to you. Enjoy it!

  • niconica says:

    This is awesome – I have my grandmother’s Singer sewing machine – I think it dates back to the 40s as well and my mum’s Zenith sewing machine from the 70s. They still work – and they are awesome to use!


  • My late grandmother used to have a Singer Sewing Machine similar to yours…You’re blessed to have a boyfriend that thoughtful and sweet. =)

  • 25BAR says:

    We have one of those too!
    What an antique!

  • Evie Garone says:

    That is sew nice. I love when people appreciate beautiful old things! Have fun & make some nice things you love with it! Good luck on your future with your special boyfriend…

  • dancingfreak says:

    ooooooooooo wow!!

    that is super sweet :)

    i envy you

  • Hasenschneck says:

    We had one like this when I was little. It was treadle operated and I remember it was really hard work to get your feet doing one thing while you concentrated on making something delicate with your hands. The other kind I’ve used is the sort with a handle on the flywheel, which meant you didn’t even have two hands to use as one was constantly turning to keep the needle going. Still managed to make a really nice silk blouse on it though.

  • Amazing Pics, Just sew you clothes. haha.
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  • cafetisa says:

    That. Is. Beautiful. I aspire to have one of these one day, I am totally in love with them. I feel that they have to be gifted or acquired somehow though! It just wouldn’t feel right to go and buy myself one! Congratulations on your beautiful christmas gift, and being freshly pressed!

  • NathanFrancis says:

    That sewing machine is SO beautiful! My grandpa has one, but I don’t know the brand name, and it’s pretty antique. He lets me use it when I wanna start a project. My messenger bags come out so much cuter from it than by hand! Haha! Congrats on the amazing gift!

  • Knitn' Green says:

    Beautiful machine detail.

  • psychodoodle says:

    i’m not into sewing but the design on that is very pretty…. i can see why you’re thrilled…. :)

  • I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think you have a unique blog. Grats !

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  • hello says:

    Where are you?

  • Jaime Weiher says:

    It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this excellent blog! I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to brand new updates and will talk about this blog with my Facebook group. Talk soon!

  • […] latest project I made just for her. A little pair of super-soft leather moccasins! I made them on my 1944 Singer (actually, I was so nervous about messing up, I hand-turned the sewing machine for the whole […]

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